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Tumblr and Yahoo: a $1.1 Billion (Fairy)Tale [in Memes]

Given all the recent news about Yahoo buying Tumblr, we thought it might be fun to tell this news story in a different way. Enjoy!

Once there was a really awesome place called Tumblr, where all the cool kids liked to hang out.


It was started by David Karp, a guy with a vision, who wanted to do something different and have fun. (disclaimer: this is not really a picture of David Karp)

Just a guy

Then, along came Yahoo! and its new CEO, Marissa Meyers in a search for relevancy from an online world that threatened to leave it behind.

Yahoo on Tumblr

She spotted Tumblr and an idea surfaced. What if….


Marissa Mayer convinced the board of directors of Yahoo! that buying Tumblr would be money well spent – all $1.1 Billion of it.

Yahoo buys Tumblr

Word leaked out and people thought it was a joke.

Dwight on Yahoo buying Tumblr

Alas, it was true. And Marissa Mayer, the only Yahoo employee still allowed to work from home in her pajamas, broke the news (alone) to the world – making a bold promise to Tumblr fans.  (disclaimer – this is not really a picture of Marissa Mayer in her pajamas)

Yahoo to Tumblr, I won't screw up

And all the cool kids on Tumblr learned of the fateful news.

Yahoo buys Tumblr $1.1 billion

Yahoo users also tried to process the news. 

Tumblr sold for $1.1 billion

Meanwhile, back at Tumblr, employees personally heard from David Karp as he shared Mayer’s new $1.1 Billion vision for their beloved Tumblr. 

Tumblr employees

And they lived happily ever after?

Tumblr, Yahoo, $1.1 billion

The end. 


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