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Social Media Influencers and Your Brand [Infographic]

Social Media Influencers Research InfographicHow important are social media influencers to your brand? Research continues to show that consumers’ purchasing decisions are increasingly swayed by information from social media. In this infographic (originally shared by The MBA Marketing Guide), you can see the different ways that buyers are influenced – including Facebook posts from friends and information shared by bloggers.  For instance, 81 percent of those surveyed were influenced by friends posting to social media, while 74 percent admitted to being persuaded in general by information shared through social media. And the trend of social influence doesn’t appear to be slowing down. So what do you need to know about social media influencers?

Here are 3 quick tips to help ensure social media influencers have a positive impact on your brand:

  1. Identify the top social influencers for your brand and your industry (these can be customers, bloggers, analysts, and general enthusiasts).
  2. Reach out to your social influencers on a regular basis (thank them, provide them with updates/news about your brand, and offer a sneak peek at upcoming products or services).
  3. Share, comment and respond to your influencers via your social media channels (since influencers are active on social media and post information frequently, return the favor by sharing their information and news with your customers, fans  and followers).

After checking out this infographic, take a moment to leave your feedback! Tell me whether or not you think social media influencers  really do have an impact on customers’ buying decisions.

Social Media Influencers Infographic


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