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Are Digital Introductions the New Elevator Pitch?


Is your digital introduction opening doors for you online? If not, you may want to put some time into perfecting it. Digital introductions have become the elevator pitch (of sorts) of social media networking.

One of the many benefits social media offers is the ability to make new connections and build meaningful relationships for both you and your business. It all starts with that first, online introduction.  But, you have a very short time, or rather – very few characters, to catch the attention of your target audience.

Similarly, elevator pitches became popular during the first Dot Com boom, when Internet start-ups were  eager to get the attention of potential investors. The elevator pitch was designed to be a quick overview of your business – one that could be explained in a matter of a few minutes. Ideally, you could make the pitch in the amount of time it takes to ride up in an elevator with someone. Basically, the elevator pitch was meant to peak interest so that you got an “in” for more time with someone. Of course, elevator pitches are just as relevant today and aren’t going away. They continue to be an important part of the initial pitch process for a variety of purposes.

However, when it comes to getting attention in the world of social media networking, digital introductions are the online equivelent of the elevator pitch. A good digital introduction is the hook that gets someone interested and makes them want to know more. Think about all the places that you count on that brief description to pull your social networking weight…

For starters, the digital introduction is on your Twitter (profile) page. Your Twitter Bio (or what could be called a Bio140) is where you convince people to follow you and engage with  you. It’s that brief description of who you are, what you stand for, and why you’re worth a follow. Similarly, if you’ve ever participated in a Twitter Chat, most of them start by letting participants introduce themselves to the group. Talk about pressure! Here’s a golden opportunity to meet new people, and expand your following; but you’ve got just 140 characters to explain why you might be an interesting or helpful person to get to know.

Similarly, your digital introduction is used on your LinkedIn profile page. If you’re hoping to be recruited for a new job, considered for a consulting gig, or simply wanting to expand your network of connections for business purposes, the description on your profile page can make or break you. Of course, LinkedIn has the additional pressure of also needing to be optimized for search. Again, it’s how

Not to mention, you use versions of digital introductions when creating blogger profiles, Google author tags, and when leaving comments on other blog posts. It’s on Pinterest, Google Plus (Google+), MySpace (well, it’s possible), Facebook, and a myriad of other online communities and social platforms.

Your digital introduction, or Bio140, is a quick first impression that leaves a lasting digital imprint across the social media landscape.

So, just maybe, it’s worth some time to revisit your digital intro and see if you’re giving off the right impression. Just like that old school elevator pitch, you may only get one chance to have a very important (online) door opened for you or your business.  Speaking of which, be sure to leave a comment with your very own digital introduction and let’s make a connection!

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Shannon Belew is an online marketing strategist & author of the best selling book, “Starting an Online Business For Dummies All-in-One” and founder of


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