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Social Media News This Week

Social Media MarketingFrom the Pinterest attack on spammy ads for weight-loss supplements to really, really awkward videos from you know who (hint: John Travolta). Here are our favorite social media updates and stories from this week from Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more.

Pinterest followers dropping like flies: Pinterest is cracking down on spam. A new formula lets Pinterest identify pins that link to spammy offers instead of quality pictures/content. The result? Most people are fine and won’t notice a difference. In fact, 99% of accounts have lost less than 10 followers. But, some major brands with LOTS of followers lost hundreds of thousands Pinterest followers, quickly, when Pinterest deleted those accounts marked as suspicious or spammy. Seems like a good thing. We approve.

Tweet more, say less: Apparently, our tweets are still too verbose. Twitter announced that you will need shrink your tweets by 2 to 3 characters when adding a link, starting Feb. 20. That’s because they have to add characters for the shortened URLs (like, and non-https links). So, if your link now takes up 22 or 23 characters, you’ll need to subtract that from the 140 character limit that Twitter mandates. #BeConcise

Socialize. Join a G+ Community: Circles are no longer enough. Now, you need to circle around a community of interest to get the most from your G+ experience. With more than 500 million people having created profiles and 135 million active users, there’s got to be a better way to stay connected. So, this week, Google Plus introduced the Community feature which is also integrated into the profile feeds. It lets you gather around specific interests. For example, take a look at our Bacon Community, created for those who love bacon, almost as much as they love tech!

Endorsements, the down-and-dirty recommendations: Recently, LinkedIn enabled a feature that lets your first-degree connections “endorse” you for a particular skill. But, it has left people confused. Unlike recommendations, which require some effort, making an endorsement is simply a matter of clicking on a particular skill. HR recruiters are already denouncing the feature as having any serious influence, and other experts are saying you might want to hide some of the frivolous endorsements from your profile. Now, go forth and endorse!

Good-bye old friends: Instagram has had enough – of Twitter, that is. And, if you are used to posting your Instagram pics to Twitter, that’s not going to happen anymore. In an ongoing battle of the desire for open social platforms vs. the need to monetize social media, Instagram disabled the ability for Twitter to display your Instagram photos. The winner of this battle? Hard to say. But there is a clear loser: the users! We disapprove.

Other social media news you should know:


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