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Social Media Stats and Your Weekend [Poll]

Social Media StatsIs social media eating away all your free time? If you are using social media for business, it’s almost impossible not to tweet, connect and plus one, 24/7.  The necessity to  extend your online marketing strategy into the weekend is equally unavoidable – and social media is a growing component of that strategy.

Research has shown that even the busiest of executives is checking his email on Saturday mornings, making it a great time for B2B marketers to reach their target audience. Looking at recent stats showing overall social media activity, it’s probably safe to say there is another trend on the rise. Weekends are increasingly becoming ripe for both B2B and B2C marketers to use social media to deliver their messages.

Consider a recent report, The Social Habit 2012, from Edison Research that says approximately 58 million people (U.S.) now use social networking sites several times per day. As for daily activity (remember, this includes weekends!), here’s a snapshot of what your customers may be doing with social media:

  • 25%  of Facebook users access their account five times per day, or more.
  • 31% use their mobile devices to access social networking sites, several times per day.
  • 33% use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to follow companies (that’s more than doubled since 2010).

Given your potential customers are staying active on social media seven days a week, what days that mean for your digital marketing strategy? Are you using some of your weekend hours to use social media for business? Take our poll and let us know if your weekend has gone to the birds (well, at least to one little blue one):

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Shannon Belew is an online marketing strategist & author of the best selling book, “Starting an Online Business For Dummies All-in-One” and founder of


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