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New LinkedIn Flag Feature Boosts Your Connections

The feature updates continue to roll-in at LinkedIn and the most recent upgrade should improve the quality (and frequency) of your connections. LinkedIn announced that it is introducing a notification feature that flags interactions people have with your LinkedIn profile. Now, you are “notified in real-time when someone likes what you’ve shared on LinkedIn, views your profile, accepts your invitation, and much more,” according to LinkedIn’s associate product manager, Angela Lang.

Starting today, many users will begin seeing a small, blue notification flag at the top of your profile homepage.  An email Inbox envelope icon will also show up and when you have something new. Lang adds that you will also see a red circle when you have new items, including comments or likes on your shares, an accepted connection request, and new inMails.

If you’re not yet seeing the new icons, don’t worry. Just as LinkedIn slowly rolled out the new profile look to all its users, they are  apparently rolling out the notification feature in stages, as well. It may take several weeks for everyone to have access.

If you’re having a hard time picturing how this works or how it might be useful, think about in terms of the “Interactions” and “Mentions” that you can instantly see in Twitter. The real-time notification of how people are interacting with you on LinkedIn should, theoretically, help you make new and better connections because it gives you the opportunity to have more of an actual conversation in LinkedIn. That’s always been the great thing about Twitter; you can engage with people immediately and continuously – making it a more active networking experience. For LinkedIn, the social media platform that’s been dubbed the King of online professional networking, the new notification feature may just give users even more reason to spend time within its platform. Instead of just making static connections, you actually get the opportunity to actively converse with those existing and would-be connections.

What can you do to improve your connections using the new feature? In a nutshell, as soon as that little blue notification flag shows up on your profile, start spending at least 30 minutes (more) a day in LinkedIn. Post articles, comment or like other people’s articles, participate in groups and start discussions or respond to comments. Yes, these are all things you should already be doing in LinkedIn. But now, you are immediately notified of feedback on your activity and  you can react to it in real-time – hopefully build the quality and quantity of connections you have.

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