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Overcoming Writer’s Block: Blog Content Inspired Daily

Content is king: This declaration has become the golden rule of the Internet. Good, consistently published content drives traffic to your blog, keeps visitors engaged (reading, commenting and sharing), and helps you achieve your online goals. Keeping the content pipeline filled isn’t easy – but a steady stream of national holidays might help you celebrate the end of writer’s block.

Naturally, there are days when it feels impossible to come up with a topic worthy of a blog post, especially one that is clever, useful or SEO-friendly.  While keeping a running list of topics for just such an occasion is advisable, some days – even the best writer’s block list is not enough to get the creative juices flowing.  That’s why it’s good to have a back-up to your back-up plan – and a never-ending list of daily national holidays is sure to come through for you. It is available 365 days of the year; and many days include multiple holidays.

As a reminder, somewhere along the way, someone decided that the major holidays were too few and far between, leaving us stranded without reason to whoop and holler (that’s a southern expression that roughly translates to “celebrate!”). At the same time, someone else thought there were special causes that deserved to be recognized…and thus was born “National XXXX Day.” There is truly a day for just about anything you can imagine: National Pi Day, National Cherry Pie Day, National Dog Day, National First Foot Day (who knows?)…

In the end, this variety of national holidays is good news for your blog, and for helping overcome writer’s block. Just pick a day, pick a cause and let it inspire you to write. As you do, keep in mind these three tips:

1. Find a tie-in: Overcome the temptation of writing something that strays too far from your blog’s topic. Instead, find a way to relate these daily holidays to your primary area of expertise.

2. Side-step controversy: There are some national holidays that might be considered too outlandish or even controversial for your particular audience. While these can help you cut through writer’s block, it’s always best to stay true to the tone and personality that’s consistent with your reader’s expectations.

3. Limit your celebrations: While there are truly 365 days of holidays to inspire you (and so many that make for great content!); there are only so many times a year you should use this technique as the basis of a blog post. Proceed with caution.

One last thing. How do you find these nuggets of inspiration? A simple Google search will turn up plenty references to national holidays. But, I like to use a site by Halmark (they have a vested interest in holidays, after all) called The Ultimate Holiday Site. They also have an app for that, which makes it even more convenient to access the daily holidays from your mobile phone (also great for conversation starters at parties, by the way).

Oh, and Happy National Just Because Day!


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