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Acquisition news: Buying Buddy Media for $800 Million

Once again, money is preparing to change hands in the latest round of  the it’s-not-a-repeat-of-the-last-dot-com-bubble-we-swear game. All kidding aside, this time is scooping up Buddy Media for approximately $800 million (and some change), according to a report from AllThingsD.

If you’re not familiar with it, Buddy Media is known for providing social media solutions to enterprises. Specifically, it started by helping large companies manage their Facebook experiences. Only recently did Buddy Media spread to other platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Think of it as the unified communications API of social media, for the enterprise. Considering is still working to fully integrate their last social media-related purchase (Radian6), one might wonder why they would shell out the big bucks for another company, and so quickly.

According to AllThingsD’s Peter Kafka, “The presumable logic: Acquiring Buddy Media will help Salesforce’s clients reach their customers and leads where they are spending lots of online time.”

Ah, this makes sense. After all, the next big focus for social media is proving (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that it has an ROI for companies. Proving ROI means being able to target/find prospective customers and pulling them all the way through the sales funnel until they count as a conversion. If Buddy Media can integrate with Radian6 under the platform to achieve this golden social media conversion metric, then that $800M could be chump change.

As a side note, it so happens that I viewed a demo with last week, looking at the progress of the Radian6 functionality and integration with In retrospect, some of my questions were answered with telling promises of things to come. Though Radian6 is still being fulling integrated (almost there, but not quite), there was already sufficient teasing of other solutions that would soon be in place to better address lead capture.

Can’t wait to see where this crazy acquisition roller coaster takes us next. In the meantime, you may want to brush up on your social media-related solutions – specifically, Buddy Media.


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