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Twitter Carries the Ball for the NFL

Do Tweets during live events make you more likely to watch them? That’s what the National Football League (NFL) bet on when they revised their policy about football players tweeting during games in an effort to boost viewership. In fact, “kiosks” were set up on the sidelines of the 2012 Pro Bowl to allow players to run over and tweet about the game.

Some fans and critics were baffled at the need for a sideline kiosk, instead of simply allowing players to post directly from their own devices. That’s the thing with social media – you’ve really got to be all-in or it takes away from the original intent. The NFL is not unlike many corporations in that way,  who are still trying to figure out how to balance old-school HR policies with the new world of public domain. That’s an entirely different subject, so let’s leave that debate for another day.

What the NFL has gotten right is the idea of using social media to generate interest during live events. Consider that Twitter now boasts about 230 million tweets a day – and it’s likely to keep growing. Afterall, that number is already a 110 percent increase just since January. It’s no secret that those tweets are often about live events, whether on TV or  general world happenings (earthquakes, tsunamis, celebrity deaths).

The Superbowl became a Twitter champion, reaping the benefits of live tweeting with 13.7 game-related tweets during the 2012 football extravaganza. In fact, it is officially in the Top 3 Twitter hall of fame for raking up 12,233 tweets per second during the last three minutes of the game (#2); and for hitting 10,245 tweets per minute during Madonna’s halftime show (#3).  (A televised showing of a Japanese Anime movie, Castle in the Sky, actually holds the #1 spot, in case you’re wondering.)

Are you more likely to tune-in to a live event if it’s trending in Twitter? Do you actively Tweet about live events? Leave a comment and let us know.


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